Hi Learned Friends, it’s another week and we’re back with a round-up of the important and interesting events that went down last week. You know the drill already. Lean back and enjoy!


First off, a former Deputy Director-General of the Nigerian Law School and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Prof Ernest Ojukwu SAN, has been appointed as the Chairman of the Ethics and Disciplinary Standing Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association by the President, Yakubu Maikayu, SAN.

It should be noted that the Ethics & Disciplinary committee is the committee tasked with the burden of proving new rules of professional conduct for legal practitioners, amongst other responsibilities.


Former Governor, of Anambra State, and 2023 Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, was harassed and detained at the immigration office when he arrived at Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom. Obi, who had just arrived the Heathrow Airport in London from Nigeria on Good Friday to spend the Easter holidays, joined the queue to observe the necessary protocols when he was accosted by immigration officials who handed him a detention note and told him to step aside. The Obi-Datti Presidential Campaign Office has, however, clarified the whole incident by stating that the former governor was detained & questioned for a duplication offense, which suggests that someone has been impersonating Obi in London. We can only hope that such a person is caught and apprehended as quickly as possible as this could cause quite a damage.


Next, a certain couple alongside their neighbor was arraigned before an Osogbo Chief Magistrates’ Court, for assaulting officers of the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) and three police operatives during official duties. The parties were charged with the offense of assault, and an attempt to kill with the presiding magistrate setting their bail at N200,000 for one of the accused and N500,000 for the other two. What stood out, however, was the neighbor in particular, who was charged with an attempt to kill having released his dog on the IBEDC victims.

Last Thursday, the National Association of Nigerian Students called on the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) to decentralize the country (2023 Direct Entry (DE) registration exercise across the country. The association also termed the policy as ‘queue needless’ and ‘time wasting’. You’re probably wondering about the implication of the original policy as set by JAMB. We’ll break it down for you. The rule for direct entry applicants as set by JAMB is that all applicants are required to perform the necessary registrations at the offices of JAMB located in the state capitals across the country. In other words, if an applicant stays far away from his/her resident state capital, he/she will have to journey all the way to the state capital. Meanwhile, it is not assured for an applicant to finish the necessary registrations in one day as these JAMB offices are always crowded with multiple applicants. We can only advise the board to employ the use of information and communication technology infrastructures available in the country. I mean, it can’t be that difficult.

Foreign and domestic flights are set to shut down today. This comes after the unions in the aviation industry declared a two-day warning strike last Thursday following the expiration of a 14-day ultimatum earlier issued to the FG through the Minister of Aviation, Sen. Hadi Sirika.

Something rather interesting happened last Friday at the University of Calabar. You’re definitely not prepared for this, lol.

The Service Compact with all Nigerian Directorate of the University of Calabar through its Director, Prof Patrick Egaga, banned indecent dressing among students and staff of the university. According to him, the directorate had noticed with ‘grave concern’ the increase and proliferation of indecent, provocative, and unofficial dressing, mostly by students and some female staff of the institution. The latter part got us like, ‘bombastic side eye!’. He went on to be specific so as to clear any form of doubt – crop tops, spaghetti finger, sleeveless tops, revealing contours, rag jeans, sleeveless shirts, lingerie, etc. were all mentioned as no longer allowed to take effect from May 2, 2023. He further stated that any student or staff member caught wearing any of the clothes banned will be denied effective access to any of the university facilities or be appropriately sanctioned.


Last Wednesday, no fewer than seven persons were rescued from a seven-story building collapse that was still under construction on First Avenue, in the coveted Banana Island area of Ikoyi, Lagos State. The construction workers were working on the building when it suddenly collapsed in the evening. This was followed by a lot of comments and reservations from government officials and the general public, especially as the location has always been regarded as prime for investors.

Lastly, on the international scene, Moroccan and Paris Saint-Germain’s star player, Achraf Hakimi was found to have no property, jewelry, cars, houses, etc. registered to his name in his divorce settlement where his wife reportedly requested half of his fortune. Hakimi, estimated to be worth around 70 Million Euros, had been earlier alleged of molestation and rape. This most recent finding caused a lot of uproars as expected, especially on the streets of Twitter.

A particular user casually strolling tweeted, ‘… another win for mummy’s boys!’. You only need to take a look at the comment section to understand what really went down last Friday!

We hope you enjoyed that. Have a nice and productive week ahead! And remember; life na eba, na all of us go make am!

Bye for now!