Federal High Court Introduces Electronic Affidavit (E-Affidavit) Practice Directions

The Federal High Court has announced the implementation of Practice Directions for the newly introduced Electronic Affidavit (E-Affidavit) system.

These Practice Directions are designed to ensure the efficient, transparent, and prompt issuance of E-Affidavits, adhering to global best practices while protecting the interests of litigants and other users. The E-Affidavit system will be managed by the designated E-Filing Unit of the Court under the supervision of the Deputy Chief Registrar (Litigation).

According to the Practice Directions, all E-Affidavits will be issued electronically with specialized features approved by the Court. Deponents must upload their applications electronically through a platform approved by the Chief Judge. A task force established by the Chief Judge will facilitate this innovation.

The cost of each E-Affidavit will be determined and periodically reviewed by the Chief Judge. It is important to note that the E-Affidavit will not replace manually sworn affidavits; instead, it aims to enhance data protection within a user-friendly automated system for submitting affidavits.

The Federal High Court (Practice Direction on E-Affidavit), 2024, will take effect on July 1, 2024. The Honorable Chief Judge may review these Practice Directions and issue further directives as necessary.